The Legacy and the Faith (e-book)

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Old norse gods, everlasting entities, a young boy spun into actions he did not want to be a part of.

Thor Audunsson has moved out of the city with his parents, to a small farm deep into the forest. Here the young boy meets an old storyteller, a mysterious figure telling him stories from a time long forgotten. The stories takes the young boy into a world of war, of old Norse gods, it tells of a proud, honest people. And it makes him see into a past that formed the modern society in its own way. As the boy grows into a young man, the storyteller reveals more of who he is and why he has sought out the young man. A friendship has formed between the young man and the old storyteller. Still, the young man lives his own life, and soon his life will turn into events so fundamentally changing, it will change his whole world. And the changes in the young man make him question himself and all he believes in. His world will be permanently changed by what he experienced.

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... skriver helst bøker som bruker gamle legender, sagn og "eventyr" sammen med en handling lagt til vår tid. Frem til nå har han også helst skrevet på engelsk, har kun en bok på norsk. Bruker mye av egen viten og interesser hos hans hovedpersoner.