Antony Hylton

I am a British citizen of Jamaican lineage who traveled to Israel and met a lovely Norwegian lady. A couple of years later we married in St. Andrews Church of Scotland, Jerusalem, and had our first child in Bethlehem in Judea.

I was brought up in Catford, South East London. At 14 years old in 1979 I was worshipping God in a camp with 3000 saints. I was busy speaking to Jesus says things like "Thank you, Jesus, I praise you Jesus, and I was filled with great joy. Suddenly my tongue began to wag in ways it never wagged before. I seemed to be speaking fluently in a language I never learned.

From this baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1979 the trajectory of my life changed. I was in the middle stream of school, but after the next set of exams, I was raised to the upper stream. A new word entered my vocabulary, university. I completed my bachelor's in Economics and Account in 1986. During my time there I entered an exchange program.

I spent my first extended stint another by working with Gjensidige Skade in Oslo for 6 weeks. Norway opened my mind to the freedom which comes from history. I still remember walking past the horse at the castle of the king on my way to work. The following year, in 1987 I returned to Scandinavia and worked in Stockholm, Sweden. It was there I realized accountancy was not for me. I loved to study the Bible not to do auditing.

I wrote a letter to God in which I set out my dreams. 5 years later the transfer was complete. I became a Religious Education teacher at Roehampton University after studying in a Bible school in London at Kensington Temple. During that whole season from 1983-1993 I was writing poems and diaries. I taught religious Education for two years first in John Bentley School, Calne, Wiltshire, then in Adwick High, Doncaster. I decided it was too challenging and decided to become a millionaire instead (I am still working on that).

My students used to ask me "How you gonna do that sir". I replied "How did I become a teacher?" "You trained." "I'll train". In 1991 a man with the gift of prophecy visited our Church. His name was Ian Andrews. He could see into the heart of men. I got the hunger for prophecy and started eagerly desiring the gift of prophecy.

Then in October 1991 I was just waking up and I heard a voice. It said, "Let me tell you about the kingdom of God". It came in the twilight zone between waking and sleeping so I thought I might be going crazy. After receiving a series of words over the next two weeks, the last word ended with "Type me". So I began to type up what I had written down when listening, a spontaneous flow of words.

On December 20th, 1998 I was visiting a friend in Stockholm, Sweden. She was a friend from the days when I had stayed in Stockholm. These were difficult days when I had gone through a bad marriage and so felt my call to work for God was over. I had a dream. I went flying high into the night sky among the stars. I came to a place and a voice said "You will go to a place for 7 days then you will return. Then you will go back for 7 years. Go and help the Charismatic Church". I awoke from the dream and got my Bible. I asked God to give me a Scripture to go with the dream. I opened the Bible at random. I opened on 1 Chronicle 22. David was calling the strangers in Israel to help with the preparation of the building of the temple. "Okay," I thought, it looks like I'm going to Israel. I arrived in Israel to stay for 7 years on January 17th, 1999.

I spent the first two years studying with the Messianic Jews in the Israel College of the Bible and with the non-Messianic Jewish Rabbis in their synagogues or Yeshivahs. In 2001 I began to Study a Master in the University of the Holy. During all this time I had two main goals. I wanted to know why some Rabbis hated the Christians so much, so I studied with Rabbis who were anti-Christianity. secondly, I wanted to know how to pronounce the name of God which Rabbinic Jews are forbidden to speak. In those days I attended Church Friday, Shabbat and Sunday. It was a lot of fun. I attended Mount Zion Fellowship the first official Pentecostal Church in Jerusalem, set up by sister Ruth Heflin in 1978.

I also attended Prince of Peace. A Church with a Catholicos which has an apostolic succession that went back to Apostle Thomas in India in the first century. My bishop was Mar Uzziah Bar Evyon and the original language of the Church was Aramaic although we used English. Thus a Church with lots of dancing, prophecy, and almost no liturgy and a Church with roots going back to Jesus and whose descendants were called Nestorian although Bishop Nestorius never taught in their seat. It was 2001 when I printed my first book. It was called Hallelujah the Last Revival. It was a study on restoring the name of God to the English Bible.

The form of the name would be Yahuwah. I continued to print books. Another was one about the Holy and Apostolic Church of the East. I went through the Church documents and wrote a Chronography from Jesus, Apostle all the way to Bert Schlossberg or Mar Uzziah bar Evyon. Thus my writing began and my printing began. I decided to do a degree in the name of God and did a Master where I focused all my papers on various aspects of God's name. For example Philo and Josephus and a comparison of their attitudes to pronouncing the forbidden name. The Mishnah of the Jews and its approach to the name of God. We left Israel in 2006. In 2012 I published my first book with IUniverse.

It took some of the papers I had written and put them together in a book called the King is Here. I wrote under the Pen name Michael Adi Nachman. The same year I published Songs of Messiah. I was happy when Elizabeth Levi who worked for the Bible Society, said "It's a good book". In 2013 my wife, my five kids and I bought a Mobile home or a Bobil and started driving toward Israel. We got to Beaune in France and broke down. The Vehicle was towed to Milan Italy and shipped to Haifa. We traveled by train and flight. We stayed for five years in Israel. I studied a Master in Bible and the Ancient Near East. Whenever I had an opportunity on a course I would write a research paper instead of doing exams. Those papers either got published in peer-reviewed journals or in a book with or amazon .com, lambert academic publishing, or Blessed Hope Publishing. Many papers ended up on or I always usually made them available so I became a top 2% researcher on In 2013 I had a dream about studies and the name Mowinckel appeared in the dream. I then began to look at the work of Sigmund Mowinckel on the Psalms and on Prophecy in the Temple and in the Temple cult. I wrote some texts regarding that. So this is me.

Forlag: A Michael Hylton Har Tziyon, (Iuniverse,,, Lambert academic publishing, Blessed Hope Publishing)
Land: Norway